Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Single of the Year:
Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon, 
“War On Drugs, Suck My Cock”*

Jesse Mullen

*The following piece is the author's failed attempt at satire, and is no way serious. The author's goal was not to praise the song lavishly, but to poke fun at 2014's lack of interesting music, in his opinion, when compared with 2013. The author does not necessarily agree with the way Kozelek conducted himself, but understands that this contankorous banter is not out of the ordinary for him. That said, enjoy the piece as best you can. Viewer/Reader Discretion Advised.

In a year that has produced many highly-anticipated reunions, there have been few examples of the spoils of these reformations emerging from the studio. (save for Sleater-Kinney’s serviceable new record, which I reviewed earlier.) As a result, I have had to sift through established artist’s releases (The Jicks, Caribou, Thom Yorke), Older artists making music under a new name (Ex Hex), or newer artists making a breakthrough (Parquet Courts). None of them released a single as fabulous, and ultimately interesting as Mark Kozelek. (Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon outfit released the truly amazing Benji in march, but it works better as a whole.)

The track begins with some lovely classical guitar finger-picking that only Kozelek can pull off. And then the beast begins to sing:
“We were up on stage I heard a classic drum fill” I begin to sway “blastin’ a hundred decibels over the hill/It was gettin’ pretty loud, I asked who it was/Guy in a raincoat shouted back ‘they’re called ‘War on Drugs’/Sounded like basic John Fogerty rock/I said “this next song’s called the war on drugs can suck my cock.”

My jaw drops in awe of this poetic, (and comedic) genius. He goes on to talk about the Raleigh incident (“All you rednecks/shut the fuck up”), his fictional meeting of the War On Drugs (“Their hair is long and greasy/hope they don’t have lice”), and their fans (“Bridge and tunnel people are people too/This is their big night out.), while humorously plagerizing an Eagles guitar part, and bashing WoD’s “Beer Commercial Lead Guitar.”

All in all, a classic song, that will remain on my playlists for years to come (and this year didn’t have many of those.)

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