Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chvrches - “Leave A Trace” Lyric video + Pre-Order Link
Jesse Mullen

Scottish Synthpop trio Chvrches have announced their new album, Every Eye Open, and have shared a lyric video for the first single from it, “Leave A Trace.”
It begins with an Icy synth line, and a surprisingly harrowing vocal from Lauren Mayberry, before leading into its chorus, where Mayberry’s traditionally bell-clear, yet frosty voice comes in to play. Lyrically and tonally, I was given a stronger reminder of “Your Silent Face” by New Order from the Power Corruption and Lies album, which coincidentally has quite similar artwork.

Listen here for yourself here:

And Pre-order Every Eye Open, which comes out September 25th on Glassnote records, here:

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