Sunday, March 20, 2016

Song Review:
Lush - Out Of Control
Jesse E. Mullen

Lush, the popular shoegazing group formed in 1987 in Camden Town, London are back, following a 20 year break up, after the untimely death of drummer Chris Acland. They have announced a UK/US tour, and have a brand new EP out April 15th, the first single of which, "Out of Control" is nothing short of astounding. Emma Anderson’s swirling, heavily delayed guitar is instantly recognizable like none other, and when Miki Berenyi’s wise, comforting voice comes in, shoegazers the world over no doubt tear up.
The great thing about "Out of Control" is that it takes the lyrical themes of "Lit Up" (one of Anderson's classic compositions), and updates them from the perspective of a parent. Part of what makes Anderson’s songs with Lush so emotionally moving to so many, is that she writes lyrics that are incredibly relatable for those who are on the fringes, or feel like an outsider. She seems to empathize with the listener in a way that few artists attempt to, particularly towards young people finding their way in life. And Berenyi’s great strength, besides her own more acerbic style of songwriting wit, is to take Emma’s songs and give them breathtaking vocal performances. Out of Control has all the hallmarks of classic Lush, yet it also sounds like a song that the band couldn’t have made the first time around. The song seems to be passing on a wisdom, that only comes with age, and can’t fully be understood until one reaches that point. There is also a sense of mortality that hangs in the air, and an understanding that life can be short. Out of Control is deeply moving, and will no doubt whip the next generation of guitar bands back into shape.


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