Sunday, January 8, 2017

Long Trees - Drifting EP

Long Trees -
“Drifting EP”
Jesse E. Mullen

Lead by the duo of Rafael Attias and Dan Wright, Long Trees is a Providence-based alt. country band with slowcore overtones, giving fans of both genres plenty to enjoy.

Basking in slowcore/alt. country perfection, "Drifting" is a sparsely produced and orchestrated masterpiece. With a clean, minimalist guitar line, brushstroke drumbeat, and warm male vocal, it is the strongest track here. While none of the other tracks quite reach the height of its subtle beauty, "Jenny" is good skipping country rock in the vein of Wilco's AM. "Prez" is glacial psych rock, and "You Keep On Singing My Songs" waltzes along like prime mid-'70s Grateful Dead. A must have for fans of Lunapark (or Pup Tent)-era Luna, Codeine, or any of the aforementioned bands, Long Trees puts together a solid EP that is worth more than a cursory listen.


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