Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Song of The Week: Tobin Sprout - “When I Was A Boy”

Song of The Week: Tobin Sprout -
“When I Was A Boy”
Jesse E. Mullen

Tobin Sprout is set to release his first solo record in seven years, on Burger Records on January 20th. Titled “The Universe And Me,” two singles have been released to the public so far, the second of which, “When I Was A Boy” striking a particular chord with this reviewer’s heart. Here are my thoughts.
Tobin Sprout, the beloved alumnus from Guided By Voices has recorded a new album, titled The Universe And Me around the theme of looking at his childhood, and coming into his own. This is crystalized on the second single, the lush tender, “When I Was A Boy.” Over a warm major-key melody, Sprout sings sentimentally about looking back on his younger self, comforting him telling him “Hey now, don’t fret/We wish you all the best”, watching over him with the knowledge of a man who has experienced life as an adult for many years. The wistfulness of Sprout’s vocals lyrics and chord changes is breathtaking. He then looks to the present, now that he’s a man; “I still see the boy/I still feel the days.” Any fan of ‘60s pop or lofi (or just strong melodies, and heartfelt lyrics) will find something to love here. And maybe, just maybe, will be in touch with their younger self once again. Listen below.

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Burger Records/2017

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